5 Qualities That Make Great Teachers

As a teacher, you want to foster an engaging classroom environment for your students. With online classes being the new norm due to Covid-19, however, there will be newfound obstacles to overcome. Luckily, the qualities that make a great teacher in real life transverse into the virtual space, just with a little extra effort to be there for your students learning from a distance.

Read below on five skills and qualities that we believe teachers should develop to promote learning.


Identify learning objectives you want you and your students to achieve. Make a plan for working toward those goals throughout the course. You can do this by checking for comprehension during each lesson and answering questions that students may have. Also, give detailed and constructive feedback that is timely; This allows students to know if their performance is up to par with teacher expectations. Having a plan not only allows for guidance but also allows for measuring student progress.


Being able to adapt as a teacher is an essential skill, especially in an ever-changing virtual environment. There will be days where you do not finish an entire lesson. Or there may be network connectivity issues. Adapting to utilize online tools to do things like record class for asynchronous accessibility or share files in a cloud will make the online space more effective and comfortable for you and your students. Moreover, each student is different and may learn better in one way compared to another. If you are teaching a class with multiple students, consider presenting topics in more than one way (visually, auditorily, individual vs. group work, etc.) to capture all student preferences.


Prepare your lesson plans and plan to engage students during class. Intentionally organized lessons are noticeable and provide meaning and value to your students. Not to mention, being prepared ensures your students' time in the classroom is worthwhile.


Each student learns at their own pace and in different ways. Be patient and get to know your students individually. Understand where they are developmentally and academically, and know that educational needs differ. Stay positive and be a good role model to your students. The previously mentioned qualities of goal-setting, adaptability, and preparation will all contribute to patience.

Strong Communication

In a virtual setting, being able to communicate is even more vital than before. Ensure you can be heard clearly and have a presence on your class discussion/chat platforms. Remember that communication is a two-way street, and listening to student needs is also essential. Actively listen to your students by carefully paying attention to their words and the message behind them. By doing this, you will be able to clarify questions better and assist with your students' education.

This list of skills and qualities is not exhaustive but a good place to start as you navigate the online education landscape. Happy teaching!


Madison Perez

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